Aquatherm Fusion

Aquatherm Socket Fusion

aq.jpgPipe Diameter: ½" - 4"

Socket fusion is a fast and easy way to assemble piping systems. Aquatherm's socket fittings fuse over the pipe wall, making the joints the strongest part of the entire system. Socket fusion uses hand-held welding irons and is used for pipe and fittings ½" to 4" in diameter.

A proper socket fusion involves cutting the pipe, marking it for insertion depth, heating the pipe and fitting for a specified time, and then pushing them together to cool. The fittings are specially sized to create enough pressure with the pipe for a proper fusion. Once cool, the pipe and socket fitting become a single piece with no potential leak path.

Socket fusion can be performed by hand or with the help of fusion assistance machines. In sizes larger than 2", using another installer to assist with the fusion or welding machine will help make the connection faster and more consistent.

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