Equipment Rental

As a full service industrial supplier, Schimberg Co. offers a wide variety of brand name tools available for rental or purchase. We also have available factory trained, experienced technicians to assist with training and/or start up needs on any purchased or rented equipment.


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Ridgid ProPress Tool Rental:  Latest available technology in tooling for Viega ProPress System – Copper, Stainless Steel, and MegaPress.


Fusion Equipment Rentals

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Butt Fusion Equipment Rental: Proudly offering McElroy equipment in a variety of fusion sizes and capacities. Our fleet of machines are constantly reviewed and maintained to be in the best possible working order before each rental period to ensure satisfied customer performance every time.

Electro Fusion Equipment Rental: Broad range of fusion equipment for the Orion Rionfuse CF Electrofusion System. HDPE Electro Fusion units are also available for applications ranging from repair, difficult connections, dual containment, and many others at cost effective and simple to operate procedures.

Socket Fusion Equipment Rental: We offer a wide selection of McElroy and Ritmo fusion machines for Aquatherm installations and in addition have available an extensive range of McElroy equipment commonly used on HDPE and Polypropylene piping systems.

HDPE Extrusion Welding Equipment Rental: Whether your need is to fabricate a DWV HDPE assembly or make a non pressure HDPE repair, we rent Wegener NA hand held extrusion welding equipment to complete the job with quality tooling as owned by professionals worldwide.

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