Summer Industrial Distribution Internship

We are seeking candidates for a paid summer internship. Our internship program is an accelerated development program to learn our industry from the ground level. You’ll work side-by-side with our warehouse team to build the foundational knowledge necessary to excel in our industry. You will also participate in industry-specific training, project-based learning to apply and enhance the education process, and weekly mentoring sessions with the business owners. Individuals who complete this program will be equipped to join our sales, purchasing or administrative teams.
  • Mentoring from industry experts and business owners
  • Industry-specific training by subject experts
  • Academic credit to qualifying students who receive approval from their college or university
  • Potential to continue during school breaks and return for an advanced level-internship
Qualities of Successful Candidates:
  • An Inquisitive Mind – Understanding the “why” motivates you.
  • Driven – You won’t back down from a challenge. Challenges are seen as opportunities to prove your capabilities.
  • Relationship Builder – Trust earned by hard work and reliability is the foundation of a relationship.
  • An Engineer’s Perspective – You want to know how things work, connect, and flow.
  • Team Player With a Competitive Drive – You’ll work hard to ensure your team wins.
  • Majors of Interest: Business, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Distribution, Construction Management, or a related course of study.
  • 12 week program, working up to 40 hours per week, with potential to continue internship beyond initial 12 week period.
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Job Details

Cedar Rapids, IA
High School
September 10, 2019