Summer Industrial Distribution Internship

As an intern with Schimberg Co., you will partner with our associates to learn what is important to operate in the industrial distribution industry. You’ll rotate through several departments within our warehouse, getting hands-on experience in how we receive and stock materials into inventory, as well as package, ship and coordinate deliveries to our customers. You’ll visit weekly in one-on-one sessions with the business owners to develop an understanding of the distribution industry, the products and services we offer, and the variety of customers we serve.  

Successful interns have the base knowledge necessary for opportunities within our warehouse, industrial sales, procurement, or administrative functions.


  • Weekly mentoring sessions with business owners
  • Hands-on experience in a fast-based, high-intensity business
  • Academic credit to qualifying students who receive approval from their college or university
  • Potential to continue during school breaks and return for an advanced-level internship
  • Flexible work schedule (Start at 7am or 830am. Adjust your start and/or end date to meet commitments with extracurricular activities)

Qualities of Successful Candidates:

  • An Inquisitive Mind – Understanding the “why” motivates you.
  • Driven – You won’t back down from a challenge. Challenges are seen as opportunities to prove your capabilities.
  • Relationship Builder – Trust earned by hard work and reliability is the foundation of a relationship.
  • An Engineer’s Perspective or Mechanical Background – You want to know how things work, connect, and flow.
  • Team Player With a Competitive Drive – You’ll work hard to ensure your team wins.
  • 12 week program, working up to 40 hours per week, with potential to continue internship beyond initial 12 week period.

Schimberg Co. is an equal opportunity employer.

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Job Details

Cedar Rapids, IA
High School
September 28, 2020