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Schimberg Co. provides several types of seminars at our state-of-the-art training center. Training is made available to all our customers. We believe that fundamentally sound training can be a big asset to all of our customers.

Level I Basic Steam Training Seminar
Level II Course for Steam Systems

Level I

What you'll cover:
Basic knowledge and fundamentals of steam and operating practices needed to maintain a safe and efficient steam system including:

  • Steam System Principals: Generation, Distribution, Utilization
  • Water Hammer Considerations and Demonstration
  • Steam Pressure and Temperature Control
  • Steam Traps: Operation and Demonstration
  • Steam Trap Sizing and Selection
  • Steam Trap Testing procedures
  • Condensate Recovery Systems
  • Energy Considerations
  • Applications
  • Questions and Answers

Who should attend: Maintenance, operations, facility or design engineering personnel with direct concern for the complete steam system, or those interested in improving basic steam knowledge.

Knowledge required: None

Fee: $150.00 (non-refundable)

Seminar Length: The Schimberg Steam Training Seminar is a 1 day course. 

No more than 5 people per company in any one class. 

Lunch provided.


Level II
What you'll cover:
Basic knowledge to design and maintain a steam system:

  • Steam Saturization Table 
  • Steam Line Sizing and Drip Station Design 
  • Steam Pressure and Temperature Control Valve Operation 
  • Safety Relief Valves 
  • Steam Traps:  Operation, sizing, selection, testing and demonstration 
  • Process Equipment, "Stall" and Demonstration 
  • Condensate Recovery Systems 
  • Flash Recovery systems 
  • Steam System Troubleshooting 
  • Questions and Answers

Who should attend: Any Design, Mechanical, or Process personnel responsible with a Steam System Design and Operation.

Knowledge required: You must have completed our Level I Steam Course 

Fee: $250.00 (non-refundable)

Seminar Length: The Schimberg Steam Training Seminar is a 1 day course.    Lunch Provided

2014 Dates April 9th September 10th

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