Schimberg Co. was founded in 1918 by Charles Schimberg Sr. Driven by a vision of servicing the local industry, Schimberg Co. began by fabricating pipe nipples. Surplus pipe was purchased from local contractors, fabricated into pipe nipples, and sold back into the local trade. This modest company grew as a result of the strong business principals established by Charles Sr. Among them were dedication to his customers, dedication to treating people fairly, and a strong work ethic.

In 1945, his son Charles Jr. (Chuck Schimberg) took over the company and implemented the same philosophy as his father. Customers appreciated his straight forward approach to doing business, and the company grew. The increased volumes lead to a landmark event... the ability to buy pipe direct from a pipe mill. Buying direct from a pipe mill enabled the company to grow, compete, and establish Schimberg Co. as a complete supplier to the local trade contractors. The company added plumbing fixtures and complementary pipe fitting lines. Schimberg Co. became known as “the place to go” when an odd item was needed. Chuck was known for his honor, integrity, and willingness to go the extra mile for his customers.

In 1973, Joe Schimberg came to work for Schimberg Co. His father taught him the value of inventory, how to treat vendors, and how to treat employees. About the same time a shift occurred in the local economy. Large corn processing plants were being built in the Midwest. With Joe’s vision to grow the company, Schimberg Co. shifted its focus away from a traditional plumbing supply house into an industrial PVF house. The late 80’s and 90’s brought a wave of expansion for Schimberg Co. Joe’s common sense approach and commitment to reinvestment in the business sparked Schimberg Co. to grow from 10 employees in the mid 70’s to 80 employees by the end of the millennium. The company became known as the largest stocking distributor of stainless steel products in Iowa. Joe created a new automation and controls division, a new steam division, and a new underground division to service underground water/wastewater contractors and municipalities.

At the turn of the millennium, Joe’s two sons joined the business, Dave and Charlie Schimberg. It was at this time that Schimberg Co. expanded and became a regional supplier, opening branches in Decatur, IL, Omaha, NE, and North Sioux City, SD. The company continued to grow along with the ethanol boom of the mid 2000’s. Schimberg Co. has continued to pursue its vision and adjust with the industry demands. Schimberg Co. created a sanitary division to support the growing number of customers in need of polished tube, polished fittings and sanitary valves. In 2013, Schimberg Co. entered another market place with the establishment of a high density polyethylene and polypropylene fusion division.

Today Schimberg Co. extends its services through Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and southwest Minnesota. It employs over 170 individuals and continues to pursue opportunities for growth within the industry. Ownership has been transitioned to the fourth generation. Dave and Charlie are committed to conducting business with the same philosophy and traditional values passed down to them from their forefathers.